• Charme Curtin

Crashing through the Fear of Blogging

This will be my first time blogging and I am terrified. Writing is not my strongest suite and putting this out there makes me nervous. Being dyslexic I am alway fearful of misspellings and the placement of letters. Thank God for spell check.

Painting has always given me the freedom to let go and fly. I kind that color lines and shapes are a way of communicating feelings with out words.

Someone recently asked me what I would paint if I knew it would be my last painting. What a conception. Actually, i did not know just what to say - am still mulling over the answer. There are so may beautiful shapes, colors and objects around that that is very hard to answer.

That so would like to ask anyone reading this blog to give me their answer to the question. I you knew this was to be the last painting, story or sculpture you would produce What would it Be?

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